Many possible arrangements and layouts thanks to the wide range of shower heads and shower pieces available in the Wellness section.


The concept of well-being is not exclusive. It’s the result of a personal quest, a journey thorough its sensory nuances. It’s realized thanks to the multiple declinations of the shower columns by Fima Carlo Frattini, which transform the bathroom setting into an area of extreme relaxation and body care.


The hand shower holder slides on the rod of the shower column and the hand shower is titable.


The showerhead is swivel and adjustable in height to customise your column.

All Fima Calo Frattini shower columns can be combined with all external mixers of all lines in the catalogue and all thermostats of the Fimatherm line. The wide selection of handshowers and showerheads allows a total customization of your shower setting.

FIMA’s colour palette goes from the classic chrome and brushed nickel to many more options in all FIMA Carlo Frattini’s galvanic finishes such as black chrome, brushed black chrome, gold and brushed gold. Matt white and matt black are also available. Thanks to the soft-touch effect, these finishes offer an extremely contemporary style, perfect for playing with total look or contrasting combinations.