Dynamic and versatile lines for FIMA’s new proposal. SNAP collection suits easily in design environments and in contract projects.



Distinctive, bold volumes, with carefully proportioned radii that caress the product, crafting a balance between classic cylindrical shapes and modern lines.

The new SNAP series presented by FIMA is a versatile solution, easy to integrate and capable of responding to precise and ambitious objectives in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics and eco-sustainability.

The design was born with the intention of rationalizing the components of the product, reducing waste and energy, and taking advantage of the freer and more ergonomic geometries that the chosen technology allows for.

The result is a dynamic collection that expresses its personality in different styles and contexts, without ever neglecting functionality.

Easy to install and clean, with resistant surface finishes, SNAP is the ideal solution not only for residential environments, but also for contract projects that can exploit all the benefits of the series.


For SNAP we started out with a rigorous, systematic approach to design, with the choice of casting as the main production process. This is not only a technological choice, but also has an important impact on the appeal of the collection.

Without needing to defer to the diameters of the material in bar form, we were formally freer to set dimensional ratios, balancing the individual aspects of the product micro-architecture.

Having fewer design constraints made it possible to balance the body, spout and lever, as well as joints between elements. And the ability to think about the radii of curvature was crucial in making the product more harmonious and modern. Thus, the cylindrical volumes can take on a bold accent, in line with the most current trends.

The body of SNAP is a single, solid piece, with pronounced radii and an integrated base, which considerably facilitates installation of the product. The control, on the other hand, is more contained, with an elongated, thin lever that offers a flat surface to the eye, but has softened edges in correspondence with the grip.

The handle slides on the body to open and close the water flow, without any formal interruption, to the advantage of usability and aesthetic cleanliness.

Among the SNAP items, an external bathtub solution deserves a special mention: soft lines and exact proportions, without added elements, thanks to a new push-button diverter system integrated into the body of the product.


Ergonomics and eco-sustainability are two concepts that come together on multiple levels in the new SNAP collection, without ever losing sight of the focus on aesthetics.

On the one hand, formal cleanliness makes the product pleasant to use and easy to maintain. On the other, the elimination of areas where limescale can accumulate is all to the advantage of durability and resistance, with a view to reducing the environmental impact and extending the useful life of the product.

The finishes available for the series also contribute to this.

In addition to Classic Chrome and Brushed Nickel versions, and White or Black Matt surfaces, are new PVD coatings in Champagne Gold and Bronze, available in polished or brushed finishes. This type of processing creates a surface coating with superior characteristics in terms of hardness and resistance. It is therefore the ideal treatment for prestigious interior projects and contexts with high use that are exposed to greater wear and tear. Furthermore, compared to traditional galvanic solutions, PVD is a sustainable alternative, with no water consumption and no chemical waste.

The chromed versions of SNAP are also the product of a low environmental impact process, carried out directly in our factory with our FIMA TECH CHROMIUM innovative closed-cycle system.

The PVD variants are a further plus that makes SNAP a particularly suitable solution for Contract environments, where durability, ease of cleaning and installation, simplicity of components and reduced consumption are particularly cherished requirements. In addition to this, the collection is characterised by the versatility of a series capable of ranging across different styles, while maintaining the identity and quality of FIMA faucets.

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