A glamorous evolution for one of FIMA Carlo Frattini's most iconic products. The colour and reflections of the glass enrich the SO controls, expanding the customisation possibilities.



A highly successful tap collection, already featured in major contract projects and widely awarded by international design juries.

SO represents a successful challenge for FIMA: on the one hand for the innovative thrust of the product, capable of reinterpreting the way taps are used, and on the other hand for the GREEN vocation that defines a virtuous balance between comfort and water saving.

But already in Davide Vercelli’s initial project, a possibility of further development remained subtended, a line of research linked to the interchangeability of controls that invited the investigation of other materials and versions.

So a few years later, SO AQUA COLLECTION was born: 6 brand new handles in polished or satin glass that play with shades and transparencies.

A new direction for the FIMA collection, which not only expands the possibilities in the catalogue but also gives the product a completely different appeal.


SO is a changeable product by its very nature. The breakdown of the elements, to regulate temperature on the one hand and flow rate on the other, focuses attention on the controls, which take on different shapes and, from the outset, were offered in several versions.

We started with the most accessible solutions from our production point of view. Davide Vercelli, designer and art director of FIMA, tells us - Galvanic finishes that were gradually joined by PVD alternatives, white or black painted variants, and material handles made of cement and wood in two different essences. But a window has always remained open to investigate different formal aspects and living contexts.

It is precisely in this sense that the mutability of SO is meant, which goes beyond versatility and becomes a readiness for contamination between product and environment. Here, then, is an evolution of the collection that aims to read current trends and chooses to take on new personalities by confronting itself not only with different materials, such as glass, but also with that colour that is increasingly directing our habits in living and design.

It almost seems as if SO AQUA COLLECTION was already written in Davide Vercelli’s project notes, but picking it up at the exact moment when the market is pushing in this direction, and developing it by expanding its possibilities, is undoubtedly the result of careful and shared work between FIMA’s Marketing department and R&D team.


In the glamorous evolution of SO, the definition of the material to be investigated did not have many competitors. Already from the first samples, the potential of glass appeared clear, especially to enhance the colours, reflections and tactility of the product. Moreover, the choice became for FIMA an additional opportunity to emphasise the made-in-Italy design, thinking of the Italian tradition that makes glass craftsmanship a flagship. In this case, the plan shifts to a more industrial level, but tries not to lose its poetic value and artistic connection by exploiting technology in this direction.

The glass controls of the new SO AQUA COLLECTION are manufactured by pressure moulding. The cylindrical shape obtained is hollow to accommodate the cartridge coupling system, after appropriate processing to comply with the strict tolerances imposed by the Quality System.

And it is precisely from this variety of thicknesses that the expressive potential of the product emerges, because it is the handle cavity itself that is painted. Colour passes through the depth of the material and is reflected (diffused), creating fascinating and never banal colour effects. The point of view influences the perception of nuances by alternating transparency and diffusion (translucency), offering optical effects of great emotional impact.


The name AQUA COLLECTION plays with the link between the transparency of glass and that of water. And on the functionality of SO, which is able to manage and regulate it perfectly.

The appeal of the product becomes completely new: glass is dominant in its expressive value. Whereas SO previously appeared to be a more technological, competitively exact faucet with precise thicknesses, sharp surfaces and an incisive thin spout, it now acquires softness and delicacy with a more feminine allure.  Even the colour offers a more gradual range of possibilities, where previously there was only white or black. The new controls range from Antique Pink to Agave Green, through Ivory White and metallic Chrome, Bronze and Gold versions. All shades are available in two versions: glossy or satin. A veritable explosion of possibilities for customising the bathroom, considering that not only can the glass controls be easily combined with each other, but they can also be freely combined with the previously available versions (four galvanic variants, six in PVD, three material textures). AQUA COLLECTION represents a significant turning point for SO, as it doesn’t just become an expansion of the range but a genuine new alternative among the faucets offered by FIMA. That’s why it’s being introduced to the market with an exclusive brochure and a dedicated section within the new FIMA BATHROOM catalog.

AQUA COLLECTION therefore represents a significant turning point for SO, which becomes not just an extension of the range, but a genuine new alternative among the faucets offered by FIMA. This is why we are presenting it to the market with an exclusive brochure and a dedicated section within the new FIMA BATHROOM catalogue.

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