Fima uses an art installation to present the new Flo’ tap. An exhibit design project for the Supersalone Milan Furniture Fair



The Supersalone Milan Furniture Fair was a great opportunity to finally meet each other in person after so long, and make an impact with a stunning alternative exhibition. A new tap and bathroom fittings collection to present to the public in a new and engaging way.

This was our starting point for conceptualizing our presence at the Supersalone Milan Furniture Fair, and it was just the right occasion for an exhibit design project

with striking personality, much closer to an art installation than a company stand.  It seemed to us the most natural way to leverage an impromptu event to put the identity of the new product and the company’s vision front and centre, send out a clear message, and, then, leave space for meeting and developing relations with those present. And it far exceeded expectations.


Installazione artistica per Flò di FIMA al Supersalone

The stars of the FIMA exhibition space at Supersalone were nine washbasin mixers from the new Flo’ collection.

Aligned. White. Identical. They were only slightly rotated with respect to each other, in a sequence that seemed to suspend them in air.

The dedicated space had a transparent, backlit backdrop, with only a touch of red in the FIMA logo.

It was almost as if it were a window on the world of Flo’, communicating, in a single glance, an elegant, feminine product, with soft, sinuous lines, caressed by petals falling and swirling around them.

The art installation conceived by FIMA’s art director, Davide Vercelli, had very few key elements, but succeeded in being immediately intriguing.

The colour white was a conceptual rather than an aesthetic choice. An expedient in order to spotlighting the soul of the product, and leave room for developing the relationship with the intrigued customer, and explaining all the finishes available in the catalogue, and all the possible applications of the new FLO’ collection. Because a strong communicative identity must be able to lend itself to other projects of a different inspiration, and, therefore, be versatile and easy to combine with other elements.


The installation featured the identical product, repeated again and again, in order to deliver a clear message. The idea was to focus people’s attention on the concept of a refined composition, creating a harmony between the light and delicate forms of the fittings and the falling petals. The goal was not to present the entire collection of fittings, in all its variations, but to get across a strong and recognizable message, to make the ideas behind the design of the product more tangible, identifying it with shapes and emotions, as well as its name, which, in the case of Flo’, is reminiscent of a delicate breath of air, just like the one that seemed to move the petals.


Indeed, movement was a key element in the installation, attracting attention, changing perspectives, creating an interaction with the space. The movement of the petals was soft and continuous, creating a flow that perfectly matched the forms of Flo’ itself, caressing them and helping to emphasize their femininity.  It was an invitation to pause and discover more about the product, or simply capture its essence in a photo.


Installazione artistica per Flò di FIMA al Supersalone

Exhibit design can be a key tool in any company’s communications strategy. Its purpose is to translate the brand identity into a three-dimensional experience, with an exhibition event designed to suit to the message that needs to be communicated.

It is not always easy to start from this basis when dealing with the various display needs and limitations of catalogue products, showrooms, available spaces and short time frames.

However, at FIMA, every day, we more aware of how the perception of our brand and corporate vision is channelled by the experiences and tools we build around our products.

An important experience in this regard was the Switch Gallery, the new company showroom designed to immerse real and virtual visitors in our business and products. We have previously talked about it here.

The Supersalone Milan Furniture Fair, on the other hand, was a wonderful opportunity to develop the story of the Flo’ collection in a three-dimensional space, built around the identity of the product and capable of attracting attention, stimulating emotions, allowing room for exchange, and leaving a clear idea in the minds of visitors, who are then ready to find out more about the technical details of the new Flo’ collection.


The total white palette with which Flo’ was presented at the fair is just one of the 10 catalogue finishes.

The matt white and black finishes underline the softness of lines, and have the silky touch that is characteristic of all of Fima’s painted products, The chrome, black chrome and shiny gold finishes, on the other hand, enhance the reflections of the curved lines and accentuated edges.  Then, nickel, gold, bronze and copper brushed finishes show off the flat, smooth surfaces of the fitting, such as the upper sides of the tap and lever, thus streamlining and lightening the overall effect.


The attachment of the lever is one of the most interesting technical elements of the collection.

The body of Flo’ rises beyond the tap arm, and seems almost to become one with the lever. The sliding mechanism makes the movement more fluid, while completely hiding the mixing cartridge with a special cap, guaranteeing elegance and easy cleaning.  With its flared lines, the Flo’ tap also manages to avoid rings and bases, facilitating both maintenance and installation. 


By combining innate expressiveness with innovative design solutions, the result is a collection that is extremely versatile, and also perfect for contract projects. Without forgetting the depth of the range.


Like the most developed series of taps in the FIMA catalogue, such as Zeta and Spillo Up, the Flo’ collection features a complete range of items for washbasins, showers and baths.

The washbasin solutions alone have as many as 7 different installation and height configuration options. The shower mixer units are compatible with built-in FIMABOXES, with one or more outlets, and versions with or without the integrated shower set.

But it is for the bath that Flo’ introduces another innovative design solution: a brand new external bath unit with concealed diverter, integrated right in the body of the product. Just a light press of the button diverts the flow of water to the desired outlet, thus maintaining the stunning elegance of the design.


It is attention to detail that underscores the soul of Flo’, exactly the same idea we wanted to communicate in our art installation at the Supersalone Milan Furniture Fair. 

Render Flò di FIMA in ambientazione con lavabo


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