A team committed to interweaving products, Contract projects and corporate reality in order to expand development’s prospects in the market.



A  KA  team committed to identifying products, Contract projects and corporate realities  to expand development prospects.

Structuring the sales team of a Company  generally means to decline the areas of competence on a geographical base, dividing the tasks of a vertical hierarchy.

In FIMA we start from people instead, trying to give value the competences and the experiences of everyone.

For this reason, we are  structuring the Key Account department 

as a  working group devoted to developing one to one collaborations with companies and designers.

The aim is to create a net of limitless synergies, intended to expand according to the opportunities of the market, to the project’s visions and to the relations developed everyday with different partners.

At the base there is a heterogeneous team that involves not only commercial competences, but it relies on the  support of the whole corporate know-how.


The value of having a division committed to the development of Key Account contacts is reflected on both the inside and outside of FIMA.

For the partners/customers the added value is the assurance of having a specific spokesperson, able to give short-term answers, to value the proposals and to interact with the relevant people in the R&D or ID departments. It is very important when customizations are required, when flexibility and competence are key for the development of special projects/partnerships with co-branding initiatives. Entrusting these heterogeneous necessities to a well-coordinated group becomes an important plus for FIMA to offer to a changing market.

The activities developed from KA team represent an excellent occasion of growth within the company: for the sales department that actively collaborates with the team, for the Marketing department that helps to define the right strategies, for the communication department that can promote and narrate the project, and also for all the Research & Development department that manages needs and solve issues to satisfy the requests. An exciting opportunity to add skill to everybody’s experience, but also to consider FIMA’s products from an alternative point of view, obtaining new starting points for future projects.


It is hard to precisely define to which sectors addresses the Key Account division, because it is naturally based more on relations rather than on products.

The main interlocutors are other bathroom furniture companies that do not deal with faucets, and they want to expand their proposal with a complete project involving different partners. We start the collaboration introducing the collections of the Bathroom catalogue and we involve manufacturers of potteries, furniture, accessories and upholstery. The same approach is in the kitchen industry presenting a wide Kitchen catalogue.

A new resource for the the KA team is today FIMA’s Outdoor division, that launches the realization of new en plein air wellness projects and introduces a new alternative material: INOX stainless steel. A range of products created for private consumers and for the community.

The Contract projects are supervised by the team, when the development of special products is required or when a particular support in the collaboration is needed.

The Key Account division is also dedicated to shipyards and ship owners.
This industry demands customized design and often different material and processes.


The leader of the Key Account division is a collaborator with a considerable commercial experience in the industry, that has decided to step into this new managerial role.

We are talking about Ivano Giustini, to whom we ask:

How is FIMA’s approach to these new customers?

The basis for a winning approach are the experience in the industry and the care for the relationship. Meeting, talking to people, gaining their trust, being proactive, caring are key aspects. The brand notoriety reached by FIMA sets us right in the ideal moment to develop these partnerships. In addition, the development of specially made commercial tools allows us to be incisive in the different fields.

What’s the difference between Fima and the other manufacturers?

I will use three keywords that summarize our way of working to reply to your question:
foresight, we look always beyond the showroom and retail products by cultivating relationships and by setting strategies that aim to a 360° growth for us and for the partners;
passion for the people, the team, the society, because it is the very driving force that pushes to improve;
professionalism, because having a solid society able to answer with competence and speed to the market’s requests is the foundation for the development of new challenging projects.

Which services are you able to offer today and which are the perspectives for the future?

Do you know that the KA team takes care also of after sale? When the strategic and commercial deals are closed, an excellent after sale service for the customized products is fundamental to add value to our proposal.
In FIMA we offer to our customers a constant assistance from the very first contact. Partners come frequently from other industries and need deep expertise to identify the best solution. Understanding the needs and translating them in performing design is a precious service, it is the heart of our activity, and it allows us to launch and to reinforce trusting relationships that last over time.
And for the future? Target is high!
Becoming the reference for the custom-made faucets industries in Italy.


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