Congratulations! You chose a reliable and high-quality product.

In order to have a properly working and long-lasting product, please follow carefully the installation and maintenance instructions contained in this leaflet. FIMA products are tested at much higher pressures than those standard in use. However, to guarantee a long-lasting and efficient performance, pressure and water temperature should be:

  • pressure: 1÷5 bar;
  • max water temperature: 80° C (176° F) (A);
  • before installation make sure that the water supply pipes are clean of any debris, by washing them thoroughly (B); • FIMA strongly suggests to install angle valves with filter to prevent debris from reaching the inner of the tap. If the flow pressure exceeds 6 bar, we suggest to install a pressure reducer;
  • avoid pressure differences between hot and cold water supplies; • hand-screw the supply flexible hoses. Do not use any tool (C);
  • do not twist the supply flexible hoses (D).


FIMA recommends to clean regularly the products, the easiest and best way to prevent deposits of limestone and dirt, the main causes of abrasion and damage of the surface and of the finish.

  • Use only water and products with a neutral PH with a soft cloth to clean the surface.
  • Never use cleaning detergents, which contain hydrochloric acid, formic acid, chlorine bleaching lye or citric and acetic acid, as they cause considerable damage.
  • Phosphorus acidic cleaners are only applicable under certain conditions.
  • Do not mix different cleaning agents.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning materials, such as cleaning powders, sponges, micro-fibres cloths.
  • If you decide to use detergents, please rely on the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Cleaning has to be carried out with a specified dosage of cleaning detergent, for a suitable limited time, object-related and adapted to the needs.
  • Please consider that spray detergents reach areas difficult to be rinsed properly, causing deposits of cleaning liquids that might corrode the surface. When using spray cleaners, spray the cleaning solution onto a soft cloth, never directly onto FIMA CARLO FRATTINI products.
  • Limescale is removed by regularly cleaning.
  • After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any cleaner residue.
  • Dry the product after each use with a cotton soft cloth to enhance the brightness of the finish and to prevent limescale deposits.

Residues of toiletries such as liquid soaps, shampoos, shower gels, hair dyes, perfumes, aftershave and nail varnish etc… can damage the surface. Carefully rinse with water after use to remove any residues. Likewise, do not store any cleaning and chemical product in proximity to the product, as the vapours may damage the products. Components with damaged surfaces must be replaced to prevent any risk of injury. Damage caused by improper maintenance is not covered by FIMA guarantee.


FIMA products do not require a special maintenance, except for the periodic cleaning of the aerator which could suffer a gradual loss of water flow over time, due to the deposits of debris and limestone in the filter. To clean it:

  • unscrew the aerator by turning it counter-clockwise, if coin slot aerators use a coin to unscrew it;
  • remove all the impurities from the fi lter by rinsing it under running water or by leaving it in a solution of water and vinegar (50%). Brush the limestone deposits away and rinse it;
  • reassemble the aerator making sure that the gasket is in the right position.


Clean regularly the product, by unscrewing counterclockwise the showerhead from the shower arm. Remove the gasket and wash the filter under running water or leave it for a few minutes in water and vinegar. Clean the silicone nozzles rubbing them by hand or with a soft cloth. Assemble the showerhead making sure the gasket is in the correct position (E).

ABS and BRASS SURFACES: to clean brass or abs showerheads, use only water and neutral PH detergents wiping and drying with a soft cloth. Do not use alcohol, solid or liquid solvents and detergents containing corrosive or acid substances, cloths with synthetics, abrasive sponges or scourers since they would irreversibly damage the surface.

STAINLESS STEEL SURFACES: our STAINLESS STEEL SHOWERHEADS have delicate mirrored surfaces: it is advised to clean them with neutral PH detergents wiping and drying with soft cotton cloths along the direction of the brushed surface and never with circular movements. Do not use chlorine or bleach-based products.

SILICONE NOZZLES: the silicone nozzles, when in contact with hot water, expand so that the deposits of limestone are easily removed. In addition rub them by hand to remove the internal deposits. Clean the nozzles regularly to avoid obstruction as an incorrect maintenance may lead to the breaking of the showerhead and water leakage (F)


FIMA warns that the warranty will be not valid if a defect and malfunction is proven to be caused by an improper cleaning, by an incorrect maintenance, by the use of products and treatments different than those suggested herein.
For additional details please refer to FIMA CARLO FRATTINI general selling conditions terms.