The new Marmorea stainless steel shower column by FIMA furnishes the spaces en plein air with materials and design details designed for the Outdoor



MARMOREA embodies the beauty and desire for wellbeing in a freestanding shower column that immediately conveys FIMA identity on the OUTDOOR market. An exclusive product with a strong visual impact, which is intended to become a key element around which building spaces dedicated to relaxation and self-care. This ambitious intention of the designer Davide Vercelli also meets the increasingly evident need to enjoy outdoor spaces with the same elegance and attention reserved for indoors. Today, the boundary between IN & OUT is becoming more and more blurred when defining living spaces.

MARMOREA is thus born as a fluid project, able in style and functionality to fit into a large garden, a luxury resort, an exclusive spa as well as the shower area of a private bathroom. This flexibility of use is the result of a precise and accurate design process: on the one hand, the formal research, expressed in a slim and refined design where every detail harmonises with the rounded shapes of the base; on the other hand, the materic choices, oriented both to luxury and performance, to be ensured even in environments exposed to external agents.

Hence, the refinement of the marble base meets the strength of the stainless-steel structure in MARMOREA for an iconic and distinctive product that opens up a new wellness concept at FIMA.


Strong, functional, resistant to ageing and corrosion.

Among metals, stainless steel AISI 316L is certainly the most widely used material in OUTDOOR design structures and furniture. Added to its excellent physical characteristics comes its complete recyclability, making it an environmentally sustainable choice and in line with the search for natural solutions with a low environmental impact, even more so for en plein air spaces.

Rain Jet

In MARMOREA stainless steel outlines the fine lines of the shower, starting with the marble base, including the control as well as the cylindrical shower head at the end of the pipe.

A single gesture is all it takes to regulate the water. Temperature and intensity are progressively adjusted with the control integrated in the shower column, designed for a quick and repeated use. The ergonomic shape of the handle makes it easy to grip, especially with wet hands.

Three RAIN aerators containing 54 microjets each are built into the shower head. It is the perfect solution to ensure a large rainwater flow while simultaneously saving water, with a consumption of 8 litres per minute only. The aerators can also be individually adjusted to make the shower experience more pleasant and overwhelming. Specific but significant customisation possibilities are available to create a customised wellness space.

In the FIMA catalogue dedicated to OUTDOOR stainless steel is the undisputed protagonist of all the collections offered, both among the shower columns such as INGIRO and OUTSIDE, and in the mixing elements. In particular, the Switch ON series is available in stainless steel AISI 316L widening the whole range, by becoming SWITCH ON 316.


It is the raw material that gives identity to the new product of FIMA.

From the Greek “Marmaros” meaning “shining stone“, MARMOREA also recalls in its name the iconic nature and memory of the luxury material par excellence. A natural stone is chosen as a base because it is able to fit into an OUTDOOR space more than other elements, offering great performance in terms of resistance to humidity, temperature changes and repeated contact with water. A refined surface that combines innate durability with the uniqueness of marble veins in each block or slab.

Each freestanding shower is thus a unique and exclusive piece, able to become the undisputed protagonist of both indoor and outdoor projects. Comfort and elegance remain the core elements of the design but take on an across-the-board style to adapt to different contexts.


There are two materic options for MARMOREA, further emphasising the connection between luxury, customisation and design. White Carrara marble, with its classic dark streaks, is combined with the shower columns in stainless steel AISI 316L or ivory white finish. Black Marquina marble, with its intense, mottled white colour, is always matched with the stainless steel or matt black finish, with a soft, velvet touch. The marble base has a structural and aesthetic but also functional value: it increases the product stability while becoming a practical shelf for towels and bathrobes.

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