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A collection of shower columns and accessories for living that are inspired by the transformations of contemporary living.



The great socio-cultural change taking place becomes the motivation to explore new paths, not yet touched but particularly similar to FIMA’s know-how. We then open up to a new OUTDOOR design experience just as a necessity. The same that pushes us to open our homes to the outside world, in search of private spaces to live. From  home working to the domestic conviviality and digital detox: nowadays indoor and outdoor spaces must necessarily join together to accommodate the new lifestyles acquired after the forced lockdown, enhancing both business needs and relaxing breaks.

Opening the house means looking outside, creating open-air rooms which, depending on personal predisposition, can become classic living areas, equipped kitchens, but also bathrooms and small private spas.
And it is precisely here, among swimming pools, whirlpools and wellness corners, that the proposals of the new OUTDOOR catalogue are placed: outdoor showers, mixing systems and accessories that take their inspirations from reality to tell the vision of their respective designers.
This is the new wellness dimension of FIMA.


The living space flows as well as the way of use. The rooms are becoming more and more hybrid spaces in which different and not necessarily predefined functions come together. These considerations on contemporary living apply to both indoor environments and their OUTDOOR projection. It is the limit between inside and outside that loses importance, in a vision that is more focused on balance and personal well-being than on architectural partitions.

To value outdoor spaces as areas to be lived in continuity becomes a precious possibility, to be interpreted with the same style where the interiors are designed. The search for beauty goes beyond the functionality, with the drive towards luxury products talking about pleasure and exclusivity. From these considerations comes the design inspiration about MARMOREA, one of the new proposals of FIMA OUTDOOR catalogue.

Davide Vercelli was looking for an iconic object, capable of expressing the company’s identity and attracting all the attention. A shower column that becomes the true protagonist of the outdoor space, intended for a private villa as well as a luxury resort, or to characterize a spa area with its distinctive sign. The intention was to propose a nice product, suitable for functionality and materials both for the exterior and for the interior with a view to contamination of the spaces of well-being.

Stainless steel for its resistance to atmospheric agents, but also marble, in the white Carrara and black Marquina variants, chosen both to underline the exclusive character of the project and to create a stable and multifunctional base for the product.

The idea of ​​ an outside shower experience , has guided the color choices and the different possibilities of water supplies of MARMOREA. You can therefore chose for a fine rain of nebulized micro-drops or for a more energetic waterfall, for the only purpose of enjoying a moment of well-being in complete freedom of the surrounding environment.

The soft colors inspired by nature, such as sage green, sand or desaturated blue, are instead the alternatives to brushed steel, intended for the top-of-the-range items in the OUTDOOR catalogue.


The constant search for well-being leads to identifying contact with nature as a main element of your own psycho-physical balance. But nature it is in  constant change and this cannot be ignored when designing an outdoor space.
Supporting the changing of the seasons, or the shadow and light, becomes an important design motivation to delineate flexible spaces that accompany in different situations without losing its enjoyment.

In a constantly changing context, products must also be conceived as flexible, easy, available to accommodate changes in use and location without losing impact and functionality. New products, the result of lateral thinking that today do not find particular examples among outdoor furniture and for this reason they aim to identify the FIMA brand.

In order to face this new reality Outdoor we involved Lorenzo Damiani, an eclectic designer capable of proposing disruptive projects both at a material and conceptual level. This is how the INGIRO collection is born, enriching the new FIMA OUTDOOR catalogue with innovative ideas and possibilities.

Shower column, hand shower and sliding rail: 3 different Plug & Play products that do not require any preparation or installation and can be added at any time to furnish an outdoor space. They must be simply connected to a water outlet, even to the garden rubber or a dedicated outlet.

The Stand alone INGIRO product, thanks to the concrete base,  can be placed wherever you want and remain easy to store when not in use. They can even be moved during the day, according to what you need or according to the sun exposure.


The definition of a private wellness space projected outdoors is now an acquired necessity of contemporary living. It is part of the good practices of Slow living, in search of a lifestyle more oriented towards self-care and the enhancement of natural rhythms.
This need to select times and places in which to feel good is also reflected in the surrounding products: simple but evocative objects, private or convivial but still welcoming, capable of creating new possibilities without being intrusive.
From this point of view, customization takes on obvious importance.

It is not just a matter of choosing the products, but of being able to build them step by step to support your own personal idea of well-being. A precise and particularly congenial vision of the FIMA brand, which develops it in the OUTDOOR catalog by proposing flexible and innovative solutions, also combined with each other, to create customized spaces for every single wish.

An example of this is the OUTSIDE shower designed by Davide Vercelli, an archetype from a formal point of view that is enriched with new compositional possibilities: the insertion of the hand shower, the option of thr rain or waterfall  functions, the choice of the handles, which can be in marble in addition to  brushed stainless steel.

Among the solutions of the new FIMA catalog there are then additional options for the outdoors: STILL & SWITCH ON become STILL 316 and SWITCH ON 316, because they are made entirely of 316 stainless steel and capable of supporting complex projects, to complete the range of shower columns like INGIRO in other service areas.

More generally, FIMA’s desire to make its debut on the OUTDOOR market with the strength of the brand’s identity emerges, proposing a series of interesting products both from a formal point of view and as a starting point for innovative projects, which arise almost spontaneously from a constantly changing reality more in search of new spaces to express themselves and to live.


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