FIMA Carlo Frattini shall grant end consumers a seven-year-warranty in accordance with the terms and conditions as set out below on all products sold under FIMA Carlo Frattini brand.
FIMA Carlo Frattini guarantees that products shall be free and clear of material, manufacturing, design and functional defects.
Any defects that occur shall be rectified by FIMA Carlo Frattini at its own expense by repairing or replacing the product at FIMA Carlo Frattini’s sole discretion.
FIMA Carlo Frattini shall evaluate any reported defects by using the same technical standards existing at the time of manufacture.
Following the replacement, the property of the defective product shall pass to FIMA Carlo Frattini.
FIMA Carlo Frattini shall grant a seven-year-warranty on its products from the date on which the product itself has been purchased by end consumers.
The warranty period shall neither be extended nor begin to run again as a result of replacing and/or repairing the product or parts of it.
Warranty claims for repair and/or replacement of defective products may only be made if the product has been properly installed, mounted and used.
The installation and operational instructions as well as the technical data sheets provided with product and available on website shall always be observed even during installation.
This shall apply irrespective of whether the installation is performed by a qualified specialist installer.
In order to claim the present warranty, the product must be duly and properly cleaned and maintained in accordance with instructions for maintenance and used in accordance with the operational instructions.
Any FIMA Carlo Frattini product is individually subject to stringent visual and functional inspection before and during packing; therefore, claims may not be accepted under the following conditions.

FIMA Carlo Frattini does not guarantee its products for any of the following:
– aesthetic defects including scratches, spots and dents not reported prior to installation;
– defects caused deliberately or by negligence of the end consumer or a third party;
– defects due to incorrect use or incorrect handling of the product;
– defects resulting from an installation made by unqualified persons, inadequate professionals, and/or not complying with the assembly instructions provided with the product;
– defects due to missing or incorrect maintenance;
– defects caused by aggressive environmental conditions and/or by external sources including lime deposits or deterioration due to ice and/or limestone;
– defects caused by the use of corrosive and abrasive cleaning products (such as e.g. anti-limescale products, scouring powder, bleach) or products of any kind not specified in the instruction sheets (any spots or changes in the color of the chrome or finish are certainly due to the use of unsuitable cleaning products or tile cleaning acid, and not due to defects in the chrome-plating or color finish process);
– defects consisting in the normal consumption of materials subject to wear and tear such as diverters, valves, ceramic cartridges, thermostatic cartridges, flexible hoses, gaskets. In any case, any kind of defect on thermostatic cartridges occurred after 2 (two) years from installation shall be considered as normal wear and tear;
– defects occurring on a display/ ex display product, or a second hand one.

To activate the warranty, contact your supplier (plumber, wholesaler, reseller) for further information.
Claims for replacement under warranty will be considered only by submitting a proof of purchase of the product.
All returns of goods:
– considered to be defective
– due to mistakes while ordering or shipping
must be previously authorized by FIMA Carlo Frattini with an RMA form (available on request).
All authorizations to return goods are given a unique protocol number.
All products authorized to be returned to the manufacturer must be shipped free port within 15 days at the latest from the date of the authorization itself.

The following will not be considered:
– products returned without RMA number;
– products returned with unreadable RMA number on box or on shipping documents;
– products returned with an improper packaging;
– disassembled products;
– dirty products;
– thermostatic products returned without their filters.

FIMA Carlo Frattini will review each specific case and assess whether the guarantee prerequisites have been met and whether there are any grounds for exclusion, reserving the right to deny repair or replacement.
In case the defects reported on the RMA form are not confirmed, the client will be notified accordingly and the products will be held for collection for 30 days from the date of notification. After 30 days the products will be scrapped.
Any cost for returning the defected product will be charged to the customer.
This warranty only applies to the extent explicitly stated above and subject to the prerequisites above-mentioned.