Water and wellness.
A combination that inspires us
to imagine path made of gestures
emotions and poetry, to guide us in the construction
of our personal moment of Wellness.


– (ant. libertate e libertade)s. f. [dal lat. libertas -atis].
– 1. a. L’esser libero, lo stato di chi è libero

Take some time just for yourself, time to get away from it all.
Take a moment before everything else.
To appreciate and enjoy that single sensation of being still.



s. f. [dal lat. scaenographĭa, gr. σκηνογραϕία, comp. di σκηνή
«scena» e -γραϕία «-grafi a»]. – 1. Arte e tecnica di creare

Bathroom surroundings are transformed.
The elements arranged within present peace and calm,
preparing and granting the mind a moment of relaxation.
Lighting is dimmed, far from thoughts.
The captivating flow and sound of the water, solace the mind.



– agg. e s. m. [dal lat. ritualis, der. di ritus -us «rito»]. – 1. agg. a. Che appartiene al rito

Slower thoughts, you are ready to take your time.
You know what you have to do.
Relaxing in your bathroom is not only taking a shower, but recreating an ambient made of light, sounds and scents.
The heat and delicacy of the water jets do the rest.



s. f. [dal lat. tardo sensatio -onis, der. di sensus -us «senso»]. – 1. Ogni stato di coscienza in quanto sia avvertito come prodotto da uno stimolo esterno o interno al soggetto

The noise of rustling water with warm tones, sets the right mood.
The right temperature to invite and captivate you.
New sensations that lead you into a new, pleasant and diverse atmosphere.




s. f. [der. di intenso]. Più spesso in senso relativo, il grado di forza o la violenza
con cui si produce o 
manifesta un fenomeno, una sensazione, un sentimento.

A vigorous, limpid jet to purify body and mind.
Varying sensations according to the stimuli of the water flow.
Close your eyes and feel your heartbeat: constant, intense.



s. f. [dal lat. tardo energīa, gr. ἐνέργεια, der. di ἐνεργής «attivo», da ἔργον «opera»]. – 1. a. Vigore fisico, spec. dei nervi e dei muscoli, potenza attiva dell’organismo

Water gives new energy to you.
The vigour of the jets reawaken us from that initial numbness.
The flow of water increases and decreases to suit you with a simple gesture.
At times gentile, other times energetic.
The body regenerates to make us feel alive.



s. m. [dal lat. aequilibrium, comp. di aequus «uguale»
e libra «bilancia»]. – 1. Stato di quiete di un corpo

Your body achieves the right balance.
Delicate water jets and the lukewarm temperature of the water gradually bring us back to normality.
The mind wanders, retracing the sensations just experienced, while we prepare to leave our wellness area.



s. f. [dal fr. émotion, der. di émouvoir «mettere in movimento» sul modello dell’ant. motion]. – Impressione viva, turbamento, eccitazione

Your body is relaxed and regenerated.
Your mind becomes free, granting a little more absolute leisure time.
Take a moment more, before all else.
To appreciate and enjoy the sensation of being still.