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An unconventional touch to regulate water and so much expressive potential for the new FIMA stainless steel mixer.



Even before a well-defined brief, every innovative project starts with insight, with production requirements and market needs. It derives from the ability to look at an object, a mechanism or an everyday behaviour with that special magnifying glass that captures an unprecedented detail or an idea to be transferred from the context thanks to the sensitivity and unique capacity for reworking by the viewer.  Davide Vercelli knows this well and yet again, he manages to amaze by signing the design of SLIDE, the new collection of taps presented by FIMA on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile.

It starts with actions, with the way of interacting not with the tap but with the surfaces in general.

The first contact with an object is a pressure, applied by the fingers, explains Davide, when we do not know we are touching, we press on the surface – an elementary and natural movement. Touch and surfaces have become the key elements around which the SLIDE project revolves. Added to this is stainless steel, already used in the OUTDOOR collections, which becomes a determining factor for FIMA both for positioning itself on the high-end market and for emphasising the green philosophy that guides business choices and processes.
Offering the series exclusively in a brushed version also becomes an opportunity to promote the new PVD, gold, champagne and bronze finishes that warm the clean lines of Slide while maintaining the strongly technological and rational image of the product.


SLIDE‘s design is elementary in its geometries and proportions – a simple cylindrical body and a flat spout, with a thinner and rounded profile. But the control is the true heart of the collection and, in particular, the inclined plane that divides it into two parts to create a fulcrum of both mechanical and expressive value. And it is along this plane that the upper portion of SLIDE runs, comes out of the rotation axis of the tap and magically turns on the water. With just a little pressure of the fingers to slide the control, an unconventional yet intuitive and curious touch that spurs an immediate interaction with the object. To adjust the flow, press downwards or else towards the wall for the recessed products. The simple and refined mechanism represents a true fruitive innovation in the world of tapware.

The inclined surface becomes the leitmotif of the product also from an aesthetic point of view, almost a decoration highlighted by a groove that runs around the control and is found in all elements of the collection. SLIDE offers a wide range of items for the washbasin area, with single-hole solutions and three support or wall-mounting holes. It is suitable for showers and bathtubs with wall-fitted mixer taps that can be combined with the different versions of FIMABOX recessed units. It includes a selection of custom accessories including shower heads and holders. A further benefit of the collection is represented by the accessories, already fashioned upon the launch of the product, to allow you to create a total look bathroom with the same design inspiration.


The potential of the product also lies in the control of the SLIDE from an expressive point of view. The two portions with the same volume, which run along an inclined plane and face each other, are the protagonists of a single story. But what if they were made of different materials?
They could exist on a reciprocal connection, giving new nuances and meanings to stainless steel each time. From this new insight comes the selection of SLIDE MANUFATTO handles that accompany and complete the offering, enriching it with new potential and design values.
A glamorous and exclusive touch that softens the cleanest and most technological characteristics of the collection.

In combination with marble, steel creates sophisticated, immutable and timeless surfaces. Glass accompanies it in the search for reflections and plays of light. Wood accentuates the tactile contrast between the two elements. And then there is the resin.
A special hand-chiselled composition that combines functionality with the more decorative aspects of tortoiseshell or black obsidian. These initial proposals, and those yet to come, have a basic common denominator: they are the result of craftsmanship and subsequent experimentation, overseen piece-by-piece in their realisation. A collection of tailor-made handles able to give infinite different identities to the SLIDE product.
The SLIDE MANUFATTO selection also tells of FIMA’s ever-increasing attention on handcrafted and customised products. Because FIMA LAB DESIGN not only focuses on innovative and sustainable projects but also follows with interest the trends and needs of the market, suggesting products that are more open to international markets and capable of supporting different tastes and habits, without ever losing sight of the Made in Italy mark.

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