Structures brimming with charm in uncontaminated lands that knowingly merge the search for wellness and contact with nature while respecting the surrounding environment. Or better still, supporting the local economy with projects supporting collectivity.

These are eco resorts, lodges or widespread accommodation experiences, increasingly multiplying the possibilities of travel with a sustainable approach, including among the most elegant boutique hotels.

Che siano eco resort, lodge o esperienze di accoglienza diffusa si moltiplicano sempre di più le possibilità di viaggiare con un approccio sostenibile, anche tra i più eleganti boutique hotel.

A knowing tourism trend in perfect tune with the “green” philosophy of Fima Carlo Frattini, which not only continues to invest to minimise the environmental impact of its products, but also focuses on sensitising people in their everyday choices. Even when dealing with leisure.

Per questo le rubinetterie di Fima, già protagoniste di numerosi contract in Italia e all’estero, trovano negli eco-hotel una particolare affinità di intenti. Ed essere scelte per i SELJALANDSFOSS HORIZONS LUXURY LODGE, aperti sullo splendido contesto naturale islandese, esprime al meglio questo concetto.


“We believe it is important to have a home, not just a house, when you are on holiday”

This is how Elísabet and Heimir, Kristina and Atli recall their dream.

They are the owners of SELJALANDSFOSS HORIZONS. Two local Icelandic families who realised their fairy-tale accommodation project near the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, in Hvolsvollur to the south of Iceland. And among the black sandy beaches, enormous glaciers and the breath-taking view of the Westman Islands, the most authentic Icelandic surroundings are there to be appreciated. Feeling at home.

The eight LUXURY LODGES know how to perfectly mix the warm and inviting sense of home in perfect Nordic style with total immersion in the wild, surrounding nature, as you glance out onto the infinite horizon.

The large, panoramic windows that open to the sides of the cottages create exactly this sensation of an unbreakable bond with the environment, but at the same time offer the tranquillity of a private and safe refuge where time stands still and every instant of wellness is savoured.

Constructed entirely in wood according to the most modern eco-sustainable architectural technologies, the lodges are single units organised over two floors, with two bedrooms, a big bathroom and an open space living room and kitchen that opens onto the outer terrace.

The choice of interior design reflects an essential, yet sought-after style, softened by velvet fabric in light tones to provide a good balance with the industrial accessories and the darker tones on the walls.

Feeling at home amongst nature also means enjoying utmost comfort using the technological equipment supplied. In particular, thanks to the responsibly chosen products, perfectly balancing design and eco-sustainability.

This is why each lodge has Fima Carlo Frattini taps and fittings. Chosen both for the bathroom and kitchen to manage interaction with a precious resource, water.


Luxury. Wellness. Design, Nordic in this case.

A careful approach to designing simplicity with utmost attention to detail and eco-sustainability.

It’s the perfect situation to choose Spillo UP by Fima Carlo Frattini.

A complete collection under every aspect, where versatile and essential lines accompany the possibility of customising the environments, choosing between multiple catalogue finishes: from brushed nickel to polished chrome, also in the black or brushed black version, from gold to antique copper and old bronze, up to reaching the black and white versions.

And it is this matt black that becomes the protagonist for the taps and fittings in this project.

A particularly elegant and contemporary version of the Spillo Up, with an industrial accent and minimal style strictly in line with the Nordic tastes and design of SELJALANDSFOSS HORIZONS.

For the kitchen, the Spillo UP version with rotating swivel spout with a compact, yet functional sink.

For the bathroom, Spillo UP is found both in the classic sink single-hole mixer, and in the black version that acquires character and personality, and in the shower zone. Here, the search for wellness and control of consumption finds an ideal solution in the thermostatic column from the Fima Wellness division, which harmoniously and discretely blends in thanks to the linear and equilibrated shapes. The ample shower head jet, other than being functional and efficient, enables truly relaxing moments to be obtained after a day immersed in nature.


If eco-tourism is a trend in strong and rapid expansion, Fima’s willingness is equally so to specifically offer green-based contracts for such projects.

The Eco resort in Iceland is not the first client working in this direction, and we hope we will have many more occasions to make Fima products the protagonists in reputable contexts, similar to or even greater than this one. In fact, we believe luxury does not mean waste, but developing human and natural resources, in a responsible vision of environmental balance where creativity, design capacity, and foresight in eco-sustainable investments will make the difference in the near future. Along with our contribution.


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