FIMA’s texture collection expresses easily the mood of every bathroom’s design, thanks to the possibility to customize materials and surfaces.



Keeping the identity of the original spaces, taking care of the restoration’s harmony and giving a contemporary identity to the project, means being able to choose with awareness every element, every colour and every decor of the house. Even better when this is done by a designer, who personally designed a lot of these products and who knows how to capture not only their beauty, but also the voice and the design essence.

We are at Marco Paolelli’s home, founder of the design studio Meneghello Paolelli, that significantly worked in the bathroom’s decor field, designing for FIMA some collections that marked its reposition in a higher market. We refer specifically to the TEXTURE collection, which finds an expressive space in both bathrooms of this refined project.


The house chosen by Marco Paolelli is a typical flat in Milan, between rationalism and art deco, situated in a 1927 building, that reflects the style and the tastes of the architect Portaluppi. It is probably the work of a student or of an architect who admired his buildings, highly requested by the rising industrial bourgeoisie of Milan.

Decorative details typical of that period can be recognised in the architectural structure of the space: the arches or the semi-arches in the transit area, the large windows, the geometrical decorations made of chalk in the wainscoting and ceilings. The latter, in particular, are really sophisticated: different in the living and sleeping areas, re-organised as if to emphasise the single functions of the many rooms.

Among the elements wisely obtained from the restoration, there are the wooden and glass arched doors, the decorated gateway at the entrance, and the typical wood flooring placed in the Italian way, the herringbone pattern. Surprisingly the original grit floor, hidden under two layers of successive reworkings, was recovered.

Safeguarded the unique personality of this house, through the conservation of decors and architectural elements, the spatial structure has but undergone an important modernisation, creating a living area open space and intervening on the corridor, narrow and long, where previously all the rooms overlooked.

It was a matter of giving value to it as a transition place between the living and sleeping areas, instead leaving it as a central element of the apartment. This is how…


The different spatial distribution was not enough for the residential necessities of the family. It was necessary to think how to harmonise decors, materials, and modern technologies with the vintage structure of the house.

The key was the vertical walls, including those in the long corridor.

It was Alessia, Marco Paolelli’s wife, who chose the wallpaper, highly decorated and matching with a light-blue and blue palette. A true colour path was thus created, starting from the living room, with shades between peacock and desaturated blue, and leading through the more neutral corridor to the sleeping area in shades of green, light blue and powder pink.

A further ‘’trait d’union’’ in the project were the mirrored and repeated elements, which in the corridor become a new decorative element and broaden the perception of space.

Many are the objects created personally by the designer and produced by the client industries. An interesting way to link in the residential space stories, ideas and personal experiences that go beyond the simple functionality.

Other furnishing was custom-designed for this space, using golden details or materials, such as brass, that recall the historic dimension of the house.

Lastly, it is interesting the choice to ‘’hide’’ the technological elements, leaving the spaces free and linear. The technical compartments in the kitchen, for example, are concealed and even the Tv is placed behind a sliding panel above the vintage fireplace.


The same design attention and the scrupulous detail’s care can be found in the two services areas obtained in the apartment.

The first bathroom of the living area is a modern space, with a large, fixed glass shower stall. The shades of blue and sugar paper harmonise with the wallpaper and the grit floor, emphasising the metallic profiles of the lights and of the accessories. The thin ceramics are from Art Ceram, designed by Marco Paolelli, such as FIMA faucets.

The wall mounted three holes washbasin of TEXTURE collection is with the chrome finishing, enriched with multifaceted controls in the VERTICAL version: a geometric hint that accompanies the 3D decoration of the countertop washbasin.

For the bidet there is the SPILLO UP collection, in chrome, to make the already balanced space more contemporary.

The second bathroom is definitely more vintage chic. The soft green mint shades of the wallpaper are reflected also in the ceramics, with classic but squared forms.

The elegant freestanding white bathtub is completed with an exposed bath mixer of TEXTURE collection and remains visible in the master bedroom. For the washbasin and the bidet there is always the TEXTURE collection, respectively in the three holes basin mixer with swivel spout version, and with one hole bidet mixer.

Also in this bathroom the chrome finishing is preferred, but the work of the controls is HORIZONTAL with a white cover.

Familiar with the products from the design brief, the designer was indeed able to mix the available possibilities, that for the TEXTURE collection concern:

  • The finishing (chrome, black chrome, brushed black chrome, brushed nickel, gold, brushed gold, white and black);
  • The handles’ texture (vertical, horizontal, cross);
  • The commands’ cover (chrome, black chrome, brushed black chrome, brushed nickel, gold, brushed gold, white and black, Carrara white marble and Portoro black marble).

It is therefore interesting to notice how the same faucets’ collection, in different versions, can easily adapt to environments with important personalities, giving back a different taste to every bathroom.

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