The new Fima shower system Waterdot consists of a series of small-diameter shower heads that can be mounted on plasterboard, designed to be aligned in order to ensure the correct water flow for an enjoyable and satisfying shower experience.
The great compositional freedom that characterises this project lies in the possibility of choosing the type of water flow, thanks to four different jets that can be combined: classic rain, laminar, spray and the mikado weave jet, thus making the single jet part of a modular system.
The high level of customisation is evidenced by the two versions available, which create different aesthetics in the bathroom. Trimless is characterised by the absence of edges, a solution that makes the shower head perfectly flush with the ceiling; while Frame stands out for a slim edge available in several sophisticated textures and elegant styles that enhance the result.
Another feature of Waterdot is the ease of installation offered by a dedicated connection mechanism, while maintenance is simple and immediate thanks to a plug-in system that allows you to intervene at any time and, if necessary, replace individual shower heads.


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